Anthony Cuthbert Joseph is the publisher-editor of The Caribbean Camera, a weekly community newspaper in the Greater Toronto Area.

In 1993, he became an investor in the publication, noting that he “saved the paper from going under” at what was a difficult year for it. He said there were real fears that it would fold.

Anthony Joseph -- Excellence in Media

For many years, Joseph was mainly involved in the business aspect of the paper using his marketing skills to ensure its success.

A fast learner, he also worked in the editorial department where he gained skills in page make-up, layout, and with the help of an editor and some reporters, other editorial matters.

Outside of media ownership, Joseph describes himself as a “master baker” and is the proprietor of Pappa Joe’s Bakery.

As a carnival artist, he has designed many costumes. His special interest in the carnival arts, calypso, reggae and parang are all highlighted in the entertainment section of the newspaper.

Joseph aims at excellence and is not satisfied until he gets it.


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