Excellence in Medicine: Dr. Victor Obasuyi

Dr Victor ObasuyiWith a father — W.O Obasuyi, described as no-nonsense, retired school headmaster, and a mother — F.A Obasuyi, a very strict and principled retired school Vice principal — it is little surprise that Victor Obasuyi has excelled.

Doing his youth service in 1991 at General Hospital Bida, Nigeria, Obasuyi practised briefly as an Optometrist in Nigeria before immigrating to Canada in 1996 as a refugee, with less than $100.00 in his pocket.

Between 1996 and 1998, he completed basic and advanced Computer Courses while waiting for his Canadian landed-immigrant-status documents. With transcripts sent to the College of Optometrists of Ontario for evaluation, he became the first foreign-trained Optometrist to approach the College.

Having no pre-set standards to compare his transcripts, they waited for the next College Council meeting, for about six months, only to be told that they did not get around to his case. This lingered until 1998 when Obasuyi was told the list of courses needed to complete the equivalency program.

Obasuyi proceeded to the University of Waterloo where he completed a post degree in Science to meet his Canadian equivalency in Optometry requirement. He went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Research and Development at the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and completed a one year internship training in Optometry under the tutelage of Dr. George J Sewell.

Receiving his license to practise Optometry in Canada, the next step was assuming control of Dr. Sewell’s practice with a special arrangement to instalmentally privately finance the purchase; since at the time he did not have a good credit rating and no bank was willing to take a chance on the venture.

Since owning the practice, Obasuyi has retrained foreign-trained Optometrists, who are now licensed to practise in Canada. He has served on the board of Southern College of Optometrist in Memphis Tennessee USA as an adjunct externship Clinic supervisor.

Dr. Obasuyi acts as mentor for many youth in the Malvern community by granting them Co-Op placements in his office, with some continuing to work in the practise long-term. His successful practise is also used as a stepping stone, helping many new immigrants acquire Canadian work experience, both as volunteers and as paid employees.

As one of the pioneer foreign-trained Optometrist to be licensed in Ontario, and in Canada as a whole, Obasuyi’s success encouraged the College of Optometrists of Ontario to establish a full one year program that caters to retraining foreign-trained Optometrist.

Dr. Obasuyi is happily married to Engr Azuka Obasuyi, who holds a Masters in Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, and is a strong believer in family values and the power of education.

They have two sons who are living testimonies of their belief in education, Odosa Sewell Obasuyi and George Adanosa Obasuyi, both named after Obasuyi’s late mentor, Dr. George Sewell.

Dr. Victor Obasuyi is also a patron of the Edo State Association of Nigerians in Canada.