2014 Youth Achievement Award – Yahaya Baruwa

Yahaya Baruwa

Among the authors of Toronto’s literary landscape is 25-year-old York University Psychology graduate, Yahaya Baruwa.

Having chosen a not-so-common path as creative entrepreneur, he pinpointed his passion and talent at 21 years old.

As a modestly successful writer, Baruwa has found a direct expression of his skills and interests in business and inspirational storytelling. This passion and talent led to his first literary offering, the novel titled, Struggles of a Dreamer: the Battle between a Dream and Tradition.

One of seven sons of immigrant parents from Kano, Nigeria, he says this is his first of three novels, the rest of which are due for release in 2014, through Tapestry House Publishing (a company which he owns and operates in Toronto, Ontario).

Baruwa has the goal of inspiring One million readers both in Canada and the United States of America with the courage to take action towards their most desired personal goals in life; hence selling a million copies of the novel in the process of bettering the lives of many others.

But for the young author, such a goal is not an easy task and seems indicative of the novel’s title. Baruwa quest have endeared him to the hearts of thousands of his readers.

The soft-spoken humble optimist is committed to giving back to the world with the intention to have a lasting, positive impact on individuals both directly and indirectly.

Through Tapestry House Publishing, he has decided to print the World’s Largest Published Novel, using Struggles of a Dreamer as the prototype.

He has partnered with one of Ontario’s leading design and printing companies to create the unique project with the highest possible quality, with the intention of selling the mega-book for a total of $200,000.

All proceeds are slated to be donated to the “Daisy Eye Cancer fund” at “Princess Margaret” Hospital. This will help to save thousands of young children from blindness caused by Retinal Blastoma.

But what of the substance of the novel? It is often difficult to adequately review a novel without spoiling the plot. Such is the case with Yahaya Baruwa’s book, Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and Tradition.

Often a reader opens a book and ends up not finishing the text simply because it is not engaging – this is not the case when reading this young author.

In a world where so many struggle with holding on to their dreams, this fresh book is a welcome oasis of encouragement and motivation.

Struggles of a Dreamer, is a fast-paced inspirational fictional novel. It tells the story of a young man, Toku’te, who is forced by tradition to become a farmer like all others from past generations.

But after falling victim to the urgings of his recurring dream, he decides to risk everything (including his own life), by turning his back on tradition.

Thus, he embarks on a path that challenges his wits as he struggles to remain afloat in a world that required everyone to fit into the same mold.