2013 Excellence in Business Award – Marie English-Critchlow

2013 Excellence in Business Award Recipient, Marie CritchlowMarie English-Critchlow is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for music. As a businesswoman, her vision is to create job opportunities for young women by teaching them accounting and business skills.

Ms. English-Critchlow studied in England and, after graduation, worked as an accountant for the Forestry Commission of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When Canada launched a campaign appealing to university graduates and others to consider a move to Canada, Ms. English-Critchlow embraced the opportunity.

Two days after arriving in Canada, Ms. English-Critchlow was hired as an accountant with the firm now known as Ernst and Young, where she worked on reconciling the famous Rochdale College account. Her next job was as a controller for Maitland Building Corp.

In 1975, Ms. English-Critchlow took up a position in Manitoba as controller of the Manitoba Metis Federation’s account. Thanks to her experience and savvy, she was was able to build many homes for the reservation and use funds in ways that helped to provide self esteem, ownership and pride to a displaced people. She returned to Toronto to work as controller for Sorento Developments.

By then, Ms. English-Critchlow had enough experience and expertise to start her own accounting firm, followed by a chain of beauty supply stores — named Just Incredible — in Toronto and Jamaica.

Ms. English Critchlow has always had a passion for singing. She trained at the London College of Music and uses her voice as an instrument for the ministry. She was a guest on two occasions at Dr. Bobby Jones BET Gospel Workshop in Las Vegas, and was a soloist at memorial services held in Toronto for the late Jamaican prime minister, the Hon. Hugh Shearer and Jamaican scholar the Hon. Rex Nettleford. She has released three CDs.